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The security of Waterfront Place and our tenants are one of our highest priorities. We have developed and implemented a sophisticated system to maximize personal safety and minimize property damage and theft. Our security system is composed of many elements, including fire, life and safety equipment and communications between the management office, security, engineering and building maintenance staff. Specific elements of our system are outlined below.

Bear in mind, however, that the ultimate responsibility for security in the individual tenant suites rests with our tenants and their employees.

Tenant Precautions
In a public building such as Waterfront Place, ultimate responsibility for security must rest with each tenant and their employees. Please ensure, upon leaving the complex, that all entrances and exits to your suite are locked. During the day, entrance areas should never be left unattended. Valuables, such as purses, should be locked up or taken with an employee whenever they leave their workstation.

Soliciting and Loitering
Canvassing, soliciting, peddling and loitering are not permitted within Waterfront Place. If you are approached by a solicitor of any kind, or if you observe an individual engaged in such activities, contact the Management Office immediately. Please be prepared to give a description of the individual(s).

Theft and Insurance
Any suspected theft, no matter how small, should be reported to the management office immediately. The Seattle Police should also be notified as soon as possible. Police need to be kept informed of any thefts in the building to establish a pattern to the thefts and to effectively complete the investigation. The insurance policy for Waterfront Place does not cover the personal belongings of tenants. Personal property insurance is the responsibility of each tenant. Please refer to your lease agreement for more details.

Incident Report
To provide an accurate record of every incident, the property management security staff will complete an incident report for any accident, theft, or other incident occurring on the property. We will appreciate your cooperation in answering any questions the building staff may have.

Lost & Found
Items found by building staff or tenants should be turned in to the building management office.

Emergency Telephone Number
In case of an emergency in your suite, such as theft, fire or other incident after normal business hours, we require that you provide the management office with the name and phone number of a designated emergency contact from your company. This procedure allows us to alert you as soon as possible in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

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